Love Is

Love Is

Our song, “Love Is” scored a 7.8 or better track rating, and we have earned a spot on the Reverbnation homepage as a soon-to-be featured artist!

“I can see this song being used on a TV drama or a reality show. The vocals are really great, especially during the harmonies. The instrumentals are really amazing, you could just listen to them without the vocals. Overall, this song is absolutely amazing.”

“It’s not necessarily something I would seek out, but the track was a good listen. It’s very well produced. The instrumentation is just smooth with a nice groove.”

“This track has such a fun, upbeat energy! It’s got a jazzy sound but also gives off an island vibe. The beat is fun and had me bouncing in my seat. In particular, I loved the horns. The vocals are very solid and the writing is good, too.”

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