Lonely Hearts & Good Times, Bad Times

Lonely Hearts & Good Times, Bad Times

Our songs, “Lonely Hearts” and “Good Times, Bad Times” both scored an 8.1, and we have earned a spot on the ReverbNation homepage as a soon-to-be featured artist, again!


“It sounds like listening to new music with new enthusiasm no matter how different the music is. This music seems to be heard over and over again. I love it. This song is super legendary.”

“The instrumental was well-played and had a classy quality. The musicians were talented. The singer had a sultry style that kept my attention. The sound quality was rich and clear.”

“The opening sounds——traffic, police sirens, etc—— caught my attention. I was surprised after that when the horns started! The sound quality is excellent. The most impressive part was the vocalist. She has a rich voice with a beautiful range. The male vocals work well, too. The writing is important, too. Great message about caring for others.”

#LonelyHearts #GumboSquareBand #homelessness #loneliness #brokenhearts #blues #jazz #SGHumanitarianConsortium #isolation #poverty #hunger #noshoes #brokendreams

“Excellent clarity fantastic music. Really sensational. Legend for a reason & gifted we are. Nice selection music. The beat, the lyrics, the singer everything was just perfect. Superb great quality. Excitement is born when the mind overflows with joy when listening to music like this.”

“The nature sounds at the opening were very soothing and made me want to keep listening. After that, I really enjoyed the instrumentals as they came in and complimented the opening sound. This song made me feel like I was on a beach in the tropics! The vocals are very nice, too —- loud and clear with a nice range.”

“My god was this one pure awesome. The way it started with the sweet percussion and shakers was great. Loved her vocals a lot. Had a nice sexy and smooth vibe with that guitar.”

#GoodTimesBadTimes #GumboSquareBand #USandCubanRelations #SGHumanitarianConsortium #smoothjazz #LatinoJazzLounge #LonelyHearts #English #Spanish #inflation #isolation #politics #embargo #history



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