Levanta e Dança

Levanta e Dança

Latin songstress and special guest, Nayra Costa (The Voice/Brazil), has teamed up with Brazilian rapping sensation, Erivan Produtos do Morro, of the Gumbo Square Band, performing “Levanta e dança”. Capturing the intensity, music, dancing, and atmosphere of Carnival, the native vocalists have placed their mark on the song to be remembered by everyone who wants to embrace the dance and celebrate!

Levanta e Dança

Words by Erivan Produtos do Morro. Music by Amy Zahedi, Serge Grad and Erivan Produtos do Morro. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Lead Vocal: Nayra Costa. Rap: Erivan Produtos do Morro. Drum program: Erivan Produtos do Morro. Bass: Frank Itt. Keyboards: Serge Grad. Guitar: Joào Paulo Constantino Lima. Ukulele: Bruno Ribeiro de Sousa. Sax: Felix Bétancourt. Mixing: Erivan Produtos do Morro. Mastering: Marcial Morell Caurin.

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