Fly Away

Fly Away

An Ancient Pandemic: Sex Trafficking in all its forms. As speech is silenced, so are the victims.

Giving them their voice is the start of giving them the freedom to fly away. We can turn this scourge around, revealing the crime. We can help to set them free………… We dedicate the song, Fly Away, to the victims of Sex Trafficking…

Fly Away

Written by Amy Zahedi and Serge Grad All rights reserved.

Lead Vocals: Whitney G. Jones. Backing Vocals: Whitney G. Jones. Arranged by: Serge Grad. Sound design: Serge Grad. Bass Keyboard: Erivan Produtos do Morro. Drums Programming: Erivan Produtos do Morro. Sound Engineering: Erivan Produtos do Morro. Photo by @njayphotography.

#flyaway #GumboSquareBand #SGHumanitarianConsortium #endsextrafficking #givethemtheirvoice #English #rock

Special thanks to Grazy Coral for his valuable contribution to this project!



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