SG Humanitarian Consortium

SG Humanitarian Consortium

“SG Humanitarian Consortium is a constellation of multiple paths.

“Paths intrinsically linked by their artistic profile and social character. The Gumbo Square Band was the precursor, defending the oppressed, denouncing injustices, thus opening an avenue worthy of the name, and thus making Mirages Artisans, Westwood International Events, or even in this case Clip A Clip, the heirs of a desire to restore human dignity.

“SG Humanitarian Consortium therefore aims to represent these different facets made of the same material, and to unite two worlds that everything seems so far to oppose. That of the humanitarian commitment inclined to support the most deprived, the victims of the ferocity of a pitiless environment, and that of a privileged universe that could finally make a difference and allow that the inequalities of today. Many asperities of a society in loss of speed, on the edge of the abyss, are erased of a landscape bruised by centuries of conflicts. A Ying and a Yang resulting from a new millennium, against the current, where antagonisms and antinomians could merge until they become one. All that remains is to hope that this partnership will be a success and not another utopia, an image of a postcard buried in the depths of a Tussaud museum.

“May this stream become a river, and may its current draw with it men and women more than determined to work in this direction.

“May hope be born of a better life for ordinary people, away from this tormented world, a horizon blending harmoniously with oceans, valleys and mountains crossing right through this planet which has carried us since the dawn of time.”

Serge Grad

CEO, SG Humanitarian Consortium LLC



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