It’s Time To Let You Go

It’s Time To Let You Go

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It’s Time To Let You Go

“The production on this track is amazing, it’s huge and has a clear mix. The singer
has a great voice, and awesome tone, and the lyrics are raw and emotional. Great track…..”

“It is a pretty good song but not the type of music I personally like. I do very much believe it could be a hit.”

“The track has a warm appeal with the mix that is used here, I enjoy the vocals for the passion here, good vibes all around from them.”

“ The song is very lovely the voice of the singer makes the song more awesome and the message is also good, I like to listen to this kind of music it makes me sing to it.”

“ The guitar on this track was absolutely amazing. I also loved the singer’s powerful voice. Her tone was perfect and I loved the lyrics of the song too.”



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